The government has developed a plan for the development of women’s entrepreneurship

President Lula’s decree established the Elas Empreendem strategy and the Women’s Entrepreneurship Committee

This Thursday (April 11, 2024), the federal government launched the National Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy. The goal is to contribute to the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship as a tool for social and economic integration.

This measure lays the groundwork for They Take Strategy and creates a Women’s Entrepreneurship Committee. A decree was issued Official diary of the Union. Full version (PDF – 128 kB).

The document was signed by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Ministers Marcio France (Entrepreneurship) and Cida Gonçalves (Women).

According to Marcio France, the actions provided for in the decree confirm the government’s commitment to promoting women’s entrepreneurship, supporting more than 10.3 million women entrepreneurs, who represent 34% of the sector in Brazil.

“Working for women’s entrepreneurship means helping to increase the overall productivity of the economy, in addition to contributing to the financial independence of women, who are the ones who get the most return on their investments in the family, for example in education. In addition, they correspond to 56% of employers when we analyze only MMPs, said França. the note said.

The document lists 5 goals of the Elas Empreendem strategy:

  1. promote a business environment for the development of enterprises and companies led by women
  2. help increase the income, productivity and sustainability of women-led enterprises
  3. facilitate women’s access to public enterprise policies and services
  4. contribute to the creation of an institutional and regulatory environment conducive to women’s entrepreneurship
  5. encourage the production of data and the dissemination of information on women’s entrepreneurship


One of the main principles of the Elas Empreendem Strategy is to give priority to women registered in CadÚnico (Unique Registry of Social Programs of the Federal Government) in the actions that will be developed.

The strategy also aims to ensure racial and ethnic equality for black and brown self-proclaimed women entrepreneurs and to ensure predictability, transparency, continuity and coordination in policy development and support services.


Among its axes are the expansion of access to socio-productive integration, technology and innovation, loans and entrepreneurial education.

These axes will guide the development of the initiative’s action plan. In addition, the creation of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Committee allows for coordinating the implementation and monitoring of the Strategy.


The Elas Empreendem strategy will be implemented by the Union by coordinating and integrating programs and projects under the responsibility of government agencies and organizations, and establishing partnerships with the private sector and civil society. Agreements, terms of cooperation, partnership or similar documents may be signed with federal, state, district and municipal government bodies and organizations, including public consortia.

The specialist in women’s entrepreneurship at Sebrae, Renata Malheiros, estimates that the interdisciplinarity proposed in this action corresponds to the reality where women entrepreneurs are present in all segments of the economy, from agriculture to industry.

“Women entrepreneurs, unfortunately, still face challenges that are ingrained in our culture, such as an overload of housework that leaves them with no time to devote to their company as they need it. Therefore, it is very important that the Committee and the National Strategy for Women’s Entrepreneurship work on these issues.”he said in a note.

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