The government has published the dates for PIS/PASEP payments in 2024; check the calendar

Payment PIS/PASEP in 2024 It will start in February next year. Deposits will continue from the employee’s month of birth. See who is eligible for withdrawals and deposit dates.

The government has published the dates for PIS/PASEP payments in 2024;  check the calendar
The government has published the dates for PIS/PASEP payments in 2024; check the calendar (Image: FDR)

After a long wait, 2024 PIS/PASEP calendar was finally released. The bonus is paid every year to workers with a formal contract and public servants (federal, state and municipal).

The calendar still needs to be voted on by Codefat (Workers Support Fund Advisory Board) next Wednesday the 13th, but the dates have already been announced

Who gets PIS/PASEP in 2024

  • PIS/PASEP is an entitlement a worker who receives up to two minimum wages.
  • Enabled workers with a formal contract and civil servants
  • To get it, you must be a member of the Program for Social Integration (PIS) or the Heritage Public Servant Training Program (PASEP).
  • Have performed paid work for at least 30 consecutive days or not in the base year 2022, which will be considered for payment;
  • Report your details correctly to the employer (legal entity/government) in the Annual Social Information List (RAIS) or eSocial of the base year considered for calculation
  • O Formation of assets of civil servants (PASEP) is for workers with a formal contract who are paid by Banco do Brasil
  • While Social integration program (PIS) is paid to civil servants and deposits are made to the Caixa Econômica Federal.

PIS 2024 Calendar

MONTH OF BIRTHGet fromDate of final payment

In the case of the Public Employees Payroll Asset Formation Program (Pasep), deposits will be made from the end of the program’s registration number.

It should be remembered that the withdrawal period of PIS/PASEP 2023 ends, know more.

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