The government is preparing a new attempt to issue BR-381 for the first half of 2024 – Rádio Itatiaia

The federal government hopes to launch in the first half of 2024 a new BR-381 concession notice, known as the “highway of death”, in Minas Gerais. The expectation was underlined by the Minister of Transport, Renano Filho, who met with parliamentarians from the state bench of Minas Gerais this Wednesday (06), in the Chamber of Deputies.

The first attempt to provide the track last month had to be postponed due to a lack of interested companies. Among the points that scare off investors are the complexity of the highway duplication work, which depends on the expropriation and resettlement of about 800 families, as well as the geological risks of extending the lane.

According to the minister, the intention is that the new concession attempt will make the notification more “attractive” for companies interested in investing in and managing the highway.

“The BR-381 is the most difficult highway in Brazil in terms of civil engineering infrastructure due to the geological risk. So I advocated that if there is a high risk, it should also be very attractive, otherwise it will scare away private investors, especially in a country with high interest rates,” explains Renan Filho.

According to the minister’s forecasts, the auction will be resumed in a new format in the first half of 2024. For this, the ministry works together with the National Congress, as well as with the Federal Accounting Chamber.

“I have already informed everyone, the President of the Senate (Rodrigo Pacheco), the Minister of Anastasia (Federal Chamber of Accounts) and President Lula himself, that I was very embarrassed, and I do not say this from any prescription, I was embarrassed, even when we took it on auction and it was unattractive. I think we need to hold out, put it up for auction next semester and get 381,” he said.

One of the alternatives proposed by the minister is to carry out more complex work with the resources of the agreement to repair the damage caused by Samarco in Mariana. Another is the contribution of funds from the Union to investments before the auction, which the minister did not rule out.

The Ministry of Transport expected the private sector to invest 10 billion reais over the 30-year term of the contract. The message also stipulated that the chosen company would be the one with the lowest fare.

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