The government says that AM-010 is still under construction

The government says that AM-010 is still under construction

(Photo: Disclosure / Seinfra)

The government of Amazonas, through the State Secretariat for Infrastructure (Seinfra), has already completed 160 kilometers of the first layer of asphalt, and the remaining 90 kilometers are under construction, so that the highway is currently fully passable along its length of 250.40 kilometers.

The work, which is 67% complete and creating 8,600 direct and indirect jobs, includes earthworks, paving, drainage and signaling. At this stage, surface drainage services are performed, with curbs and gutters.

The services also include the extension of the box to 10 meters with a carriageway and a shoulder. In addition, horizontal and vertical signs are implemented, as well as the coloring of reflective strips on the track.

PHOTO: Disclosure / Seinfra

This is the first major highway project since its construction in the 1950s.


The new AM-010 will bring many benefits to the state, including facilitating the flow of rural production from Itacaotiari and seven other municipalities; will guarantee greater traffic safety; reduce travel time between places; it will shorten distances; and enable socio-economic development of the population throughout the region.

For rural producer Fabian Costa, 40, the paving of the highway brought benefits every day. โ€œOur property, the Jamel site, is 110 km from the AM-010, between Rio Preto da Evo and Itacaotiara. There we work with the production of citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons and tangerines, and the asphalt allows us to transport our products much faster,” he emphasized.

Fabiano, who has been a rural producer for 15 years, talks about the difficulties he faced before the highway was built. “It was full of holes, and it was necessary to plan several days in advance to drain the products and take them to the capital for sale. Today, the highway is marked, well paved, and we were able to harvest and dispose of it on the same day, which improved our services by 100%,” he emphasized.

Losses have decreased

Intercity taxi driver Roger Soares, 35, has reduced losses from car maintenance with highway paving. โ€œI’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to take the car in for inspection due to terrible track conditions. There were countless potholes, flat tires and a lot of lost time. Today, with asphalt, these problems have significantly decreased,” he stated.

Having worked on the AM-010 track since 2019, Rogers also talked about the positive impact of paving the road on his health, given his back pain due to hitting a pothole.

“Before, my journey took five hours and was very tiring. I was suffering from back pain. The journey time is now down to less than four hours, not to mention the traffic conditions are much improved, so this is a big step forward for all of us and I know more than anyone how much it will improve my quality of life and of my work,” he said.


Infrastructure Minister Carlos Enrique Lima spoke about the importance of ensuring that the road is asphalted. “Governor Wilson Lima knows the importance of the AM-010 highway to the region, that’s why we work every day to ensure the safety of people who travel on the AM-010 and today we have a 100% road that benefits the entire population,” explained he

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