The public speaking course run by the municipality of Valencia is a success and training is already organized for the 2nd class – Portal V1

The Department of Work and Employment of Valencia do Piaui, through the Entrepreneur’s Room, in partnership with Sebrae, held a public speaking course on April 16 and 17. The training took place in the auditorium of the Department of Education and brought presentation techniques that allowed to unlock fear and insecurity in communication.

Secretary Patricia Núñez highlights the success of the course with the rapid filling of the vacancies offered. “Thanks to our partnership with Sebrae, we managed to create this class and the registration was successful, we even created a reserve bank because there were only 30 people in the class and we managed to close this class in a very short time, but we are already asking for a second one class, which I believe will take place this first semester,” said the secretary.

She also emphasizes the support of the mayor of the municipality, who supported the partnership of the municipality with Sebrae. “I just have to thank the leadership of our mayor, Marcelo Costa, for believing in this partnership between the municipality and Cebrae, through the Entrepreneur’s Room we have held several courses, trainings, seminars and we have many recommendations not only in person but also online,” explained Patricia Nunes.

Sebrae consultant Rosário Barros, who taught the course, reinforces the importance of good communication and that with determination anyone can achieve this skill.

“Without communication, we would not be able to be this social group in the process of construction and development, and we believe that the practice of public speaking is not difficult, but it must be respected as a process, we usually say that it is an art that involves, of course, an internal inclination , not a gift, but an inner desire to communicate well,” the consultant stressed.

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