They are looking for new businesses to help them grow in Unicentro Bogotá

The 50 pre-selected receive workshops and training to strengthen their business models.  15 semi-finalists have been selected for 2024.

The 50 pre-selected receive workshops and training to strengthen their business models. 15 semi-finalists have been selected for 2024.

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Have you seen those little islands in the aisles of shopping centers that sell goods and services? Commonly seen here are cell phone accessory businesses, ice cream coolers, quick takeaway cafes, some bakeries with very colorful “doughnuts” and even new cars looking for customers. The special feature of these spaces is that, unlike large venues, they pay less rent and all human traffic passes on both sides of their space. And this, in the end, can be a trigger for a business that is simply looking for ways to grow. This is what Unicentro Bogotá’s “Strength to Reach Out” strategy is about, with which they want to help Colombian entrepreneurs.

Formally, it is “a pioneering and ongoing initiative that promotes and guides budding entrepreneurs through a comprehensive business transformation program,” says the for-profit organization, which has already opened registration for any entrepreneur. But, in other words, what is it about? It is a program that helps a number of entrepreneurs and works as an accelerator. The winners will receive incentives that include 15 million pesos per company to invest in their businesses. Within 6 months, they will have a concession area in the mall for a retail outlet with a reach of over 55,000 visitors per month. In addition, they will have a commercial presence during the second semester’s strongest sales seasons, involvement in the ATL media plan and digital communication, and expert mentoring and training. Upon completion, they will receive a StarsUp certificate from Unicentro Bogotá in recognition of their excellence as new companies.”

And how is it applied? The person behind the enterprise applies until March 8, 2024 at this address:, but must meet the following conditions:

  • Be officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bogota no less than twelve and no more than sixty months of commercial registration and renewal in 2023.
  • Be in operation for at least twelve months prior to the application for this call.
  • Annual sales are greater than $100,000,000 and less than $800,000,000.
  • It is not subject to dissolution and is not in the process of liquidation.
  • Not have more than $500,000,000 in assets.
  • Not to be a subordinate or a parent
  • Market products from the categories described below: Food, Home, Technology, Apparel, Leather and/or Accessories, Entertainment & Recreation, Health, Wellness & Beauty.

After registration is closed, the process consists of several stages:

Phase 1: Enterprises are evaluated by experts from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The first 50 with consolidated business models are selected.

Level 2: The 50 pre-selected receive workshops and training to strengthen their business models. 15 semi-finalists have been selected for 2024.

Phase 3: The finalists present their speeches to the jury. The five winners will receive a booth at Unicentro Bogotá with all the benefits already mentioned.

“During the pandemic, we began to understand that entrepreneurs should be given the opportunity, that this is a way to create a country, this is a way to create jobs. And we decided that in December 2020, when they allow us to work again, instead of buying a few cars for the raffle, or what I know, we are going to dedicate these funds to entrepreneurs,” Camilo Angel Moreno, CEO, told him. .from Unicentro Bogotá to El Espectador during an interview where he detailed how the program was born. “Every day the average number of people coming in is 65,000 people, 80,000 cars, that means we fill two football stadiums every day with people coming in here, that’s what they’re exposed to,” Angel said.

According to data provided by the mall, “over the past three editions of The Power of a Hand, more than $5 billion in resources and benefits have been allocated to 17 brands, providing them with a comprehensive program that touches multiple fronts of action. Working with strategic allies like Fundación Colombia Comparte, the new entrepreneurs have experienced exponential growth, overall doubling their sales and improving key metrics such as digitization, cash flow, profits, brand positioning and managing previously complex challenges.”

It happens that the mentioned program also “carries out a detailed study of the processes, determines areas of improvement and sustainability. Provides legal advice, support and mentoring in planning, people management, recruitment and strategy development in areas such as digital marketing. In addition, it facilitates networking and relationships to open new markets in an effort to promote business growth outside of malls.” Angel stressed that “successful entrepreneurs not only create wealth, but also inspire others to follow in their footsteps, contributing to the growth of the economy.”

Brands of entrepreneurs who passed the Unicentro accelerator last year:

  • I will tell Massa: A factory of handmade dough ready to cook at home.
  • Mia: Sells products based on honey and beeswax with an emphasis on environmental protection.
  • Aila Factory Design: Illustration of products for the purpose of preserving the environment.
  • shakao: An innovative concept that brings chocolate volcanoes to the home table.
  • Fanatics: A gastronomic offer that diversifies the concept of Colombian empanadas.
  • Manifesto: Design and production of clothing to support peace in Colombia.

Among these six winners mWith more than 1,100 million pesos in sales, 16 direct jobs created since the start of the program, gastronomy was the category with the highest participation (44%) and female representation reached 67%. This year’s winners will begin work on July 1, 2024.

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