They will bring the first Dominican startup to Silicon Valley

The first Dominican venture, Ecomars LLC, is about to be unveiled as a real estate technology innovation in Silicon Valley.

Enmanuel de Jesús Henriques Marte is one of those responsible for developing a website project that eliminates physical visits to projects and areas under construction and aims to revolutionize the real estate industry, because through “hyperreal” spaces it will be easier to visualize real estate for sale.

The company is focused on innovation and technological development in the tourism industry.

The Ministry of Youth will accompany the meeting, scheduled for early next October, in the acceleration program for world-renowned technology startups in the United States. As Henriques Marte explained, it’s a bold bet to bring Dominican innovation to Silicon Valley.

By eliminating distance, Ecomars is bringing Silicon Valley to our own Silicon Beach, he said.

The real estate industry, traditionally resistant to innovation, faced a critical challenge: a lack of technological updates and security, he explained.

This suggests that the project arises in a context where the visualization of objects for sale, especially those still in the conceptual phase, remains static.

Silicon Valley brings together important technology companies in the region located south of San Francisco, California, USA.


Other contributors besides Enmanuel are: Janio de Jesus Concepcion Vicente, Elaine Peña, Juan Carlos Liriano and Alexander Coronado.

The platform offers its users an immersive experience from anywhere in the world. This revolutionary approach eliminates the previous need for physical tours, giving users the ability to explore a property in real time, from the exterior to the interior.

In addition, it allows visualization of real estate objects, offering hyperreal spaces and three-dimensional experiences.

“From your sofa, you teleport to your dream home, regardless of distance, time or other people’s location, showing your senses an experience you never imagined before, buying real estate online, letting you decide how it will look. “and what it will have, leaving forgotten borders in the past,” he says.

In 2019, Emmanuel, at the age of 17, presented a project aimed at finding a possible solution with sargassum by making a prototype (model) to correct the problem of algae on the beaches of tourist areas, which was published in this media because he received prize

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