This Saturday, the event will bring together outstanding businessmen

360º immersion
Immersion 360º will be held this Saturday in the presence of major businessmen and investment advisors (Image: Advertisement)

It will take place this Saturday (20) at 360º immersion, which will bring together business people and influencers to talk about important issues in the field of entrepreneurship. In the OAB Poços de Caldas Auditorium (Rua Rio Grande do Sul, 375, Centro), there will be ten hours of lectures and conversation groups, starting at 8 am.

The event that already took place in Campo Bello (MG) now arrives in Posus de Caldas. Among the speakers is Francisco Buono, three of the largest consultants of the Safra bank in Brazil, who will deal with sales techniques.

Caio Parreira, investment advisor, will discuss financial leverage and how to make the best investment decisions. There will also be a lecture by Rafa Britt, an influencer with more than 450 thousand followers, and Erika Mendons on people management.

Another highlight is the conversation with great businessmen: Rodolfo Reis from Leiturinha, Daniel Merli from WeClever and Fabio Tranches from Instituto Tranches.

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The organization is carried out by Carteira 360º. More information, including tickets, can be found here by clicking here.

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