Thousands turn out for Omaha’s Labor Day parade

Who remembers Fraggle Rock?

It’s Gobo floating down the street from Fraggle Rock!

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam floated by to support the trades this Labor Day

Fun with floats

The helium shortage did not ground this year’s floats

The tiniest of paradegoers

Big sister made sure to protect this cutie’s ears from all the excitement.

Enjoying the sights and sounds

Children watch and listen as the parade passes by

Here comes the band

The Fort Calhoun Marching Band performed in Monday’s parade

Catching candy

Children jump into the streets to catch candy from parade participants

Smokey the Bear

Monday’s parade featured multiple floats like Smokey the Bear.

Paying tribute

The Honor Guard pays tribute to those who have served in the armed forces

Honor Guard

The Honor Guard led the parade

Sea of ​​red, white, and blue

Thousands fill Omaha for the annual Labor Day parade


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