Today, the government announces the allocation of 1 billion reais for the homeless

Minister of Human Rights and Citizenship Silvio Almeida and President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva opened this morning at the Planalta Palace in the presence of Father Julio Lancelotti the POP Rua program, a program of attention to the population of St. in the country. The budget of the initiative should be about 1 billion reais for the actions of various ministries.

Almeida stressed the importance of launching the program on the day after the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. “We will have about 1 billion reais for initiatives such as the construction of housing for citizens, street support points, reconfiguration of the so-called POP centers to serve the homeless population. I emphasize that soon we will regulate the priority of the population in situations on the street in Minha Casa Minha Vida,” stressed Almeida Correo.

The event is to be attended by the priest of São Paulo, Julio Lancelotti, and several activists and authorities involved in helping the homeless. Asked about the persecution of lawmen in his work to help the homeless, Almeida attributed it to the rise of anti-poor politics.

“In recent years, a kind of hatred towards the poor has grown, hatred not towards poverty, but towards the poor. It has to do with a mindset that puts hate at the forefront of political action and, secondly, defends the idea of ​​dismantling the state’s ability to advance social policy, and the homeless end up being the most attacked.”

Another point that Almeida highlights in the program to be announced today is the action to combat aparaphobia – the hatred and discrimination against the poor – with the expansion of the fight against hostile architecture and the strengthening of measures of this type in several ministries of the federal government.

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