TsMKB ends the year with 450 awards in scientific olympiads

December 11, 2023 – 3:12 p.m
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In 2023, the students of the Sear Military College of Fire Service (CMCB) became state and national bright in all fields of knowledge. In the last 12 months alone, 450 awards have been received, the result of work aimed at improving cognitive skills and developing differentiated skills aimed at maximizing student success in student Olympiads and Olympiads.

“A good performance at the Olympics is already a tradition in our school. We strive to combine the interest of students with the support of parents and the availability of civilian and military teachers to establish an effective system of deepening the content and training so that they reach the Olympics in the best possible way,” explains Lt. Col. Albert Arruda, CMCB Director.

In mathematics alone, the Olympiad’s flagship, 204 awards were won, with a focus on the Bebras Brazil Challenge, which brought 85 medals to school students, the Kangaroo Math Competition, with 48 awards, and the Brazilian Public School Mathematical Olympiad, with 48 student winners.

In the field of astronomy and astronautics, which has been a highlight of the school in recent years, there were 83 medals at the Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad, of which 47 were classified for the International Astronomy Selection, in addition to 24 medalists at the National Science Olympiad, 14 medalists at the Brazilian Exposition in Fogetes and two cups, six medals and a state record in the Jornada Cearense de Foguetes.

Also worth noting are 42 awards won at the Brazilian Reasoning Olympiad, with a 7th year student placing 5th in the country, 23 awards at the Brazilian Biology and Biotechnology Olympiads, and 12 medals won at the Brazilian Chemistry Olympiad. Schools in which our students received 27% of the medals distributed by modality A (9 and 1 years).

Also worth highlighting, outside of the Olympics, is the performance of CMCB students in the Knowledge Fair 2023 robotics tournament, where one team placed 1st and the other 2nd overall at the Istora Balão competition.

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