UniSatc students and teachers are honored at Startup Weekend Criciúma

Academicians received first place and a certificate of honor for their performance in the competition

Students and a teacher from Centro Universitário UniSatc were honored at the Startup Weekend Criciúma 2024. Teachers from different courses were part of the team that took first place in the competition and also received an honorable mention for the best performance at the event. Now a teacher Janine Salvara He was part of the team that finished second in the competition. The ninth event gathered about 60 participants.

There were three days of the event, during which participants met in teams in search of transformative solutions. Anjos da Guarda’s team with two scientists from UniSatc took first place with the idea of ​​a device designed to monitor the elderly.

The tool is aimed at prioritizing the well-being and safety of the elderly in society. In addition, it offers a solution for closely monitoring the health and movement of the elderly, alerting caregivers in the event of an emergency.

“To see all the 54 hours of work being recognized and rewarded was really really nice and exciting,” highlighted team member and advertising lecturer at UniSatc, Amanda Canelo. A computing academic was also part of the team. Rafael Dagostim.

Another team from the university center took part in the competition. Students Gabriel Castellan design course, Juan Lucas Cardoso administration, and Kevin Dutra d Ana Laura Vicenzi software engineering received an honorable mention for their strong ability to overcome challenges at every stage during the three-day event.

“It was the biggest victory for us. Our ideas may have been conceived individually, but it was through the synergy of our teamwork that they came to life and made an impact. Every obstacle we faced was an opportunity to learn, grow and overcome ourselves. And it is this sustainable mentality that makes us true innovators,” said Castellan.

To the Dean of Learning and Development, UniSatc, Giovanni Castellan, these awards are not only a testament to the talent and dedication of the scholars, but also a reflection of the stimulating and supportive learning environment that the University Center provides. “This is proof of our ability to inspire and empower future leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in society,” he emphasized.

Collaboration: Press Office/UniSatc

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