VICTORY! The government demands an INCREASE in the average salary in all national companies

Last Monday (11) Minister of Labor Luis Marinhoparticipated in the launch of National pact on the industrial integration of youth. On this occasion, he took the opportunity to ask y companies increase the average salary your employees. Data shows that most earn up to 1,700 reais per month.

VICTORY!  The government demands an INCREASE in the average salary in all national companies
VICTORY! The government wants an INCREASE in the average salary in all national companies (Image: FDR)

According to Mourinho’s speech, although Art the unemployment rate fell and more people can formalize their services the average salary is still low. Most Brazilians hold positions that offer between 1,500 and 1,700 reais per month.

The Minister proposes to adjust the average salary of employees

Luis Mourinho’s speech took place at an event that promotes Ministry of LaborUnited Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the International Labor Organization (OIT). Then he suggested that companies increase the average salary of their employees based on the profit earned.

“We also leave a display for companies think about your salary structureif it fits your level of profitability, if the profit is compatible with a higher salary,” offered.

In recent days, videos of workers raising this very point have been circulating on social media. One talks about issue of the Christmas bonus, The 13th salary that was paid late and the employees kept their commitment to the company.

Another video that went viral in recent days was of a worker who received chocolates in exchange for billions in profits from the company. He criticizes the way his employer reciprocated, and the image was shared by many people on social media.

When is wage adjustment mandatory?

There are cases when adjustment of the average salary of employees is mandatory. In this situation, the company needs to comply with the order that usually follows from the law federal or state.

  • Adjustment of the minimum wage, which is carried out every year at the beginning of the year;
  • An adjustment based on a tolerance contract that can predict when this increase will occur, for example every two years, and using which index as a benchmark;
  • When a state government fixes a new minimum wage for certain posts.
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