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In addition to a solid and well-organized structure to host more than 34 thousand expected people, Web Summit Rio brought an agenda of diversity not only in panels and activations, but mainly in the exhibition of more than 1000 startups present at this year’s edition.

Diversity beyond height

Immediately at the opening, the unprecedented figure achieved in the current edition caught the eye: 45% of the participating startups were founded by female entrepreneurs – an extremely positive figure for Brazilian innovation and entrepreneurship.

This topic was also the topic of one of the most anticipated panels of the first day, which was attended by the CEO of the company Bank of Brazil, Tarchiano Medeiros, and his program was an intersection between traditional and innovation in a financial context. The CEO emphasized the importance of fighting diversity in the institution and adapting banking solutions to the reality of a country as diverse (in all aspects) as Brazil, and revealed the company’s mantra of providing a bank to every customer.

Walking through the pavilions to meet the startups pitching their solutions, it was also clear that the event attendees were concerned about providing a space for black and community-based entrepreneurs to bring their products and services to people around the world. It is also worth noting the large number of impact startups that attended the event, solving major social and environmental problems.

2024: The Year of Artificial Intelligence

It is almost impossible not to encounter this topic Artificial intelligence on the first day of the event. He was present at most of the panels, lectures and mostly in the solutions of startups and other companies that participated in the exhibition. In addition, the topic was heard in the speeches of almost all executives who spoke at the event, and was considered from different perspectives, from the possibility of use I.A personalize products and services, including the inherent and still little-known risks of this new technology.

If in 2023 the actual topic was Web3 it’s in tokenization First of all, 2024 will definitely be (or already is) the year Artificial intelligence. The technology is even used in several segments: financial, environmental, health, security, communication. According to experts present at the event, this will be the structural basis for all the solutions that will appear in the not so distant future – and from what we saw on this first day Web Summitthis prediction is very close to being true.

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